Accident & Incident Investigations: 3 courses in 1

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Course recommended for : HSE Managers, Quality Managers, Incident Managers...

The problem solving issues you have to deal with…

At a time in history when society’s tolerance for risk is at an all-time low and when the power of social media insures that reputations can be severely damaged within hours or days at the most, in the critical areas of Health, Safety, Environment & Quality prevention is always better than cure.
However, accidents and incidents still do occur and because of the sensitivity surrounding HSE and quality issues, those responsible: HSE Managers, Incident managers, Quality managers, Corporate communication managers… need to insure that 4 things are done particularly well:

  • Implementation of immediate mitigation measures.
  • Communicate effectively with all the principal stakeholders.
  • Insure that root causes are identified.
  • Insure that effective corrective measures are taken to avoid any reoccurrence of such incidents.
  • Communicate again with all the principal stakeholders

Whether you are dealing with a major process failure or recurring problems, our Accident and Incident Investigation course provides a particularly powerful set of methods for doing all of this:

  • Effective Information Gathering & Questioning Technique focused on the questions people need to ask to understand a problem or incident and how to ask them in a manner which facilitates open expression and helps avoid the defensiveness often observed when those involved in an incident are questioned about it.

  • Event Mapping which allows you to organise and categorise all the information available about a problem situation in a format which is particularly easy to share with others, from the initial problem evaluation through to the choice of corrective measures, their implementation and validation.

  • Human Factor Analysis to identify and treat the root causes of human errors and other undesirable behaviors.

With this package you have 12 months access to all these courses with  a 10% price reduction compared to individual puchases and with all the time you need  to come back to us on the discussion forums with any questions you might have regarding the different methodologies  

Accident & Incident Investigations: 3 courses in 1 includes these courses

Effective information gathering & questioning technique
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Event Mapping: A visual approach to overall problem evaluation
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Human Factor Analysis: systematic root cause analysis applied to human errors and/or undesirable behaviors
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