Root cause failure analysis: 4 courses in 1

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The problem solving issues you have to deal with…

In well managed industrial facilities, process commissioning generally requires the establishment and validation of :

  • Material specifications
  • Process parameters
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Maintenance procedures etc…

With a rigorous validation process, getting all of this right should allow you to quickly reach target performance levels. 

However, as we all know, maintaining performance over time requires constant vigilance and even with such vigilance things go wrong:

  • People do not necessarily operate the equipment as they should, assuming of course that standard operating procedures were realistic in the first place..
  • Cleaning and/or preventive maintenance operations may be poorly executed.
  • When parts are replaced, the new parts may not be quite identical to the original parts and/or may be poorly installed.
  • The machine may be operated to the limits of its design specification, or even beyond them!
  • The materials that are processed on the equipment may change.
  • Design changes may be implemented
  • Process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rates etc.. may be changed.
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust concentrations….can vary considerably, etc..

Having robust problem solving/root cause analysis skills is critical to maintaining process performance over time.

More generally, given that the natural evolution of all “closed” systems tends towards higher levels of disorder, even without the sort of “obvious” external events described above, you can expect problems to occur over time, all the more so as our systems and processes become increasingly complex. Given this, having robust problem solving/root cause analysis skills is critical to maintaining process performance over time.

Whether you are dealing with a major process failure or recurring problems, our Root Cause Failure Analysis course provides a particularly powerful set of methods for doing all of this:

  • Effective Information Gathering & Questioning Technique focused on the questions people need to ask to understand a problem or incident and how to ask them in a manner which facilitates open expression and helps avoid the defensiveness often observed when those involved in an incident are questioned about it.

  • Event Mapping which allows you to organise and categorise all the information available about a problem situation in a format which is particularly easy to share with others, from the initial problem evaluation through to the choice of corrective measures, their implementation and validation.

  • Advanced IS – IS NOT Problem Analysis to stratify your problem description and get the level of insight required to quickly identify any unknown causes that need to be identified.

  • Characteristics and Changes to help you zoom in on the most critical changes that have occurred over a given time period bearing in mind that any deviation from an established level of performance is a consequence of change.

With this package you have 12 months access to all these courses with  a 20% price reduction compared to individual puchases and with all the time you need  to come back to us on the discussion forums with any questions you might have regarding the different methodologies  

Root cause failure analysis: 4 courses in 1 includes these courses

Effective information gathering & questioning technique
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Event Mapping: A visual approach to overall problem evaluation
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IS- IS NOT Analysis: a rational approach to root cause identification
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Characteristics & Changes: Fast track to identify relevant changes
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